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Australia & New Zealand Schools es la nueva división de Australia & New Zealand Group, creada específicamente para dar la posibilidad a chicos en edad escolar de vivir una experiencia educativa y cultural única asistiendo a escuelas primarias y secundarias locales de toda Australia y Nueva Zelanda.

Vivir y estudiar en una escuela en Australia o Nueva Zelanda, ya sea por un mes, un trimestre, semestre o un año cambiará positivamente la vida de sus hijos para siempre.

No dejes de consultarnos por estudios de inglés en otros países.

Estas son sólo algunas de las escuelas con las que trabajamos.

Rangitoto College
Rangitoto College es una escuela secundaria mixta estatal, ubicada en la costa norte de Auckland, Nueva Zelanda. Al servicio de los Años 9 a 13, Rangitoto tiene una tirada de 3212 desde febrero de 2018, lo que la convierte en la escuela de "ladrillo y mortero" más grande de Nueva Zelanda.
Keri Keri
Kerikeri High School has a strong academic record and we are very proud of the achievements of our students. Our NCEA results compare extremely favourably with both the Northland and national results. Maths Students We are accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 to provide education and training based on conventional school subjects and selected vocational units. All junior students study the seven essential learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum with increasing scope for specialisation as they progress through the school. A wide range of subjects is offered. Students are encouraged through individual counselling to take courses appropriate to their abilities and their educational pathway. Those with additional learning needs are identified and supported by the Learning Enrichment Department through Teacher Aide support and various programmes such as Community and Future Problem Solving, KERI Reading, and distance education via correspondence.
At Glendowie College we recognise that our students live in a global, diverse and technologically advanced world. Through their academic studies and extensive co-curricular involvment, our students gain confidence; learn to think and communicate effectively; and develop resilience - i.e. build a realistic view of the world, learn that life is meaningful, and develop the ability to improvise. These are the core skills or attributes for our young people to succeed today and tomorrow. This success starts at school. Our students enjoy a rigorous academic education. They are supported and challenged to achieve to their very best which is evident in our students' exceptional academic results in NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship, as well as success in other academic competitions.
Takapuna Grammar School is an outstanding school - highly sought after by families living locally and further afield. The school has a strong reputation for providing an excellent and broad education, thus ensuring that all students can reach their personal potential. The school provides two world-class academic curricula; NCEA (the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement) and IB Diploma (the International Baccalaureate). TGS was the first state school in New Zealand to be approved to offer the IB qualification. Alongside academic learning, there is a myriad of opportunities for students to make friends and participate in sport, music, arts, culture, business,
Green Bay
Green Bay is an Auckland suburb. It is under the local governance of the Auckland Council. The population was 3,936 in the 2006 census, an increase of 321 from 2001.[1] The main road running through Green Bay is Godley Road and this is the Urban Route 15 that follows through Green Bay to Titirangi and Laingholm. Green Bay beach is part of the Karaka Park coastal walk. In pre-European times, the beach was the southern end of a portage between the Waitemat? and Manukau harbours via the Whau River. At the west end of the beach there was a large M?ori p? at Motukaraka (which is today Karaka Park). The area was originally called Karaka Bay, but was renamed to the current name to avoid confusion with other bays named Karaka.
Rosehill College
Rosehill College es una escuela secundaria estatal mixta ubicada en el área de Rosehill de la región de Auckland. Rosehill College se estableció el martes 3 de febrero de 1970 y ahora es la escuela secundaria más grande de la zona.
John Paul College
John Paul College was founded in 1987 with the amalgamation of Edmund Rice College and MacKillop College. The current principal is Patrick Walsh, past president of the Secondary Principals? Association of New Zealand. Patrick has led the College to become the top performing Catholic secondary school in New Zealand. John Paul College educates and shapes the lives of young people from Year 7 to Year 13 in the beautiful tourist city of Rotorua.
Education Queensland International
Academic excellence, competitive living costs and a safe and healthy lifestyle make Queensland the best choice for international study. As part of the Queensland Department of Education?, Education Queensland International (EQI) specialises in developing international student programs in Queensland Government schools. EQI programs enable students to fulfil their academic and personal potential, gain a deeper understanding of the world, and develop skills that can take them into further study or a chosen career. Every EQI school provides ongoing specialist support to ensure students can focus on learning and enjoy Queensland?s unrivalled lifestyle and experiences. We look forward to welcoming you to Queensland.
South Australian Government Schools
Study in South Australia South Australian government high schools are well-equipped with creative learning spaces that include technology labs, performance centres and hospitality, vocational learning and specialist sporting facilities. You can choose a school that is near the beach, close to the city centre or in the country. As part of your high school program you will live with a supportive homestay family or you can nominate to live with a relative or family friend.
Wakatipu School
Welcome to Wakatipu High School. Our mission is to deliver a ?great all-round education that enables students to reach for their heights? ? and that is what happens every day at Wakatipu High School. ? The key priority in this great all-round education is student learning, progress and achievement, and our recent results are testament to the very high levels of academic achievement of our students. Wakatipu High School students achieve in both traditional academic subjects as well as in vocational pathways through our Careers, Trades Academy and Gateway programmes. In addition, we provide support in literacy and numeracy as well as a Gifted and Talented programme to ensure that the full range of our students reach their potential.
Westlake Girls
Westlake Boys
No dejes de consultarnos por estudios de inglés en otros países.